neoliberal economic globalization - climate change

Climate Change is the defining human development issue of our generation. All development is ultimately about expending human potential and enlarging human freedom. It is about people developing the capabilities that empower them to make choices and to lead lives that they value. Climate change threatens to erode human freedoms and limit choice. It calls into question the enlightenment principle that human progress will make the future look better than the past.

The threat of climate change and global warming, fuelled by relentless commercialization and excessive consumption, has turned into a fighting ground for both policymakers and concerned citizens. The coming decade is set to determine not only a collective response to reducing carbon emissions, but the entire future direction for international development and the global justice movement.

Policymakers' protection of business interests and promotion of relentless economic expansion are barriers to sustainable development. Rather than pursuing half hearted cap-and-trade policies and damaging bio-fuel expansion, the public must pressure governments to adopt strong measures to decrease carbon emissions by reducing overconsumption. World leaders and the global public must embrace a wider understanding of 'growth', and not merely frame it in terms of profit.